Ethical GPS Tracking

At Nortrak we recognise that some of our products can be misused by tracking people without their explicit consent or knowledge. 

We take a principled approach to our tracking business 

We will, at our sole discretion, terminate, suspend or refuse to complete an order, if it is found that a customer is intending to use our service by tracking an individual or individuals in this way.

We make it clear in our terms and conditions that we do not provide such services and that our platform is primarily for asset tracking, (looking after what is rightfully yours) and as a business tool in the case of fleet or vehicle management to reduce costs and increase logistical efficiencies.

We respect the right of our customer to privacy at all times

Any of your personal data that may be stored on our computer systems will be covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.

You own all your data and may request a copy of all personal data we may hold at any time (if at all). 

Any data collected is solely for the purpose of providing our services, or for improving our products or services.

We do not sell any of our data

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